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Key Tool For the Urban Farm

I'm often asked what kind of tools I use on the farm. This is a great question but the answer is a little more complicated. Many of the tools we use cannot be purchased at the local garden supply. I'm sure you are wondering what tool this could be so be sure to read on my fellow gardener.

Many gardeners or urban farmers use the typical rake or trowel or digging fork to loosen up the soil. Some folks even consider the soil and planting pots as tools. The one tool many home gardeners and farmers don't think about is their EYES. Our eyes are the best tool to use in the garden and I use my eyes every day. From looking for newly sprouted weeds to pluck out of the soil to following the flow of rainwater as it erodes the soil in your freshly tilled garden beds.

Observation in Permaculture

In Permaculture, observation is one of the key tools used and our eyes are how we look at the world around us. The next time you are in your garden, use your eyes to really look around. You will see something new each time you visit the garden if you just take the time to look around.

Help support our farm by using the links below to purchase tools for your garden or farm. These products are used on our farm and I hope you will find them useful in your garden or farm too!

Hand Trowel - Small hand tools are a must on our farm and these tools have stood up to the abuse.

Landscape Rake - I use this rake to shape my garden beds and to level them for planting. The 30" size is preferred for the industry standard 30" bed.

Brush Axe - This axe is used to clear underbrush around fruit trees or along our fence line. Very versatile tool.

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