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Squash and Tomatoes - Farm Update

This week has been a busy one at C&L Farms. We have been adding the tomato clips to the tomato plants in the hoop-house. They have been growing about a foot per week so it has been hard to keep up with them. We hard prune our tomato plants which means we remove any suckers and all of the branches below the first set of blossoms. This allows more light and air to get to the bottom of the plants since we still have some lettuce inter-planted below the tomato plants. More air-flow also helps prevent rot or fungal diseases on the tomato plants.

Lots of leaves crowded together, touching the soil and holding onto moisture, are susceptible to rot and fungal infections. Trimming the lower leaves before planting and throughout the growing season will keep the plant strong and disease free.

Our squash and zucchini plants are finally growing in the field with this latest round of warm and dry weather. The plants are finally opening up their blossoms for the bees and we will have some great tasting squash soon.

We have also been cropping out the early season radishes but we have a new row of French Breakfast radishes as well as the round slicing radishes for your salads.

Look for us at the Cotton Mill Farmers Market each Saturday morning from 8am to 12pm. We always have a great selection of our microgreens as well as other vegetables as they are ready to harvest. Coming up are tomato, English cucumbers, squash and zucchini in the next few weeks.

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