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What Are Pea Shoots?

Pea Shoots are the leaves and tendrils

of the baby pea plant. They can be chopped and added to any food, salad, sandwich, omelet, entree, or smoothie.

Weight Loss

Pea shoots have an outstanding nutrient to calorie ratio and offer a good amount of dietary fiber, which helps control body weight and regulate the metabolism. Though they may not directly induce weight loss, they remain a great addition to an effective weight loss program.


While many studies point to the many benefits green peas can have for people suffering from diabetes, there is less research to conclude that pea shoots provide as much protection. However, pea shoots contain many of the nutrients that can help keep blood sugar levels low as well as great antioxidant support, which is considered essential in supporting people with Type II diabetes and lowering the risk of developing diabetes.

High In Antioxidants

One cup of pea shoots provides about 35% the daily value of vitamin C and 15% the DV of vitamin A. In comparison, this is seven times as much vitamin C as blueberries and four times as much vitamin A as tomatoes. They are also an excellent source of vitamin K, providing 66% the DV from a one cup serving.

Cancer Prevention

Pea shoots are a great source of three chemoprotective agents: folate, antioxidants and carotene. Folate helps produce and maintain cells and protects against DNA damage.

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