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Microgreens: a Safe and Healthy Alternative to Sprouts


Microgreens should not be confused with sprouts. Sprouts are made from germinating seeds in water for a short period of time (usually 48 to 72 hours) with little to no sunlight––just long enough to grow roots, a stem, and small, underdeveloped leaves. Because of this soil-less, rudimentary growing method that encourages the proliferation of dangerous pathogens, sprouts pose a serious food safety risk and contain little added nutritional value. Microgreens, on the other hand, are carefully grown with the highest food safety standards in nutrient-rich soil and full sun until the plant reaches an ideal stage of maturity.


The FDA advises everyone to avoid consumption of raw sprouts. No such warning has been issued against the consumption of microgreens –– there are many growers operating throughout the country producing microgreens that are food safe for children, the elderly, pregnant women or people otherwise immuno-compromised. C&L Farms Grows LLC is proud to be among these growers who uphold the highest standards of food safety.

Insist that your produce is local and food safe!

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